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Bamboo roof weave_sky lights


Our designs focus on the creation of sculptures for inhabitation that soften the threshold between inside and out. The surrounding nature becomes an essential part of how we experience the interior spaces. We build with natural materials, especially bamboo, which grows locally in ancient bamboo groves and is being re-discovered as a gift from the wild.

We love exploring that space of dynamic balance where levity and gravity intertwine to lift our perception of the ordinary into an experience that is extra-ordinary.  This is an architecture of sculptural form that nourishes the human condition beyond functional needs and brings insight to our truer inner self.

Each project is a space for exploration into the possibilities of bamboo and sculptural building in a rainforest setting. Collaboration with the wisdom and strength of local craftspeople as well as maintaining a flexible approach are essential to the process. This is our real-time, experiment-as-you-create ‘Bamboo Lab’.

Woven bamboo dome

January 2023 - February 2024

Bamboo house_curved truss roof structure

May - December 2020

Bamboo house_spiraling architecture

February - March 2019

Studio_bamboo reciprocal roof

July - October 2019

Bamboo bedroom open to the rainforest

February - May 2022

Bamboo house_sculptural triangular form

May - November 2021

Cocoon_bamboo weave

January - March 2020

Bamboo composting toilet_curved beams

February - April 2021

Bamboo composting toilets

October - December 2021

Bamboo composting toilet_rainwater collection

January 2019


January 2021

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