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Bamboo reciprocal roof


a crafts-based laboratory exploring the full life cycle of bamboo,

making sculptural architecture through co-creative design.

Bamboo spiral beam and natural ceiling finish


Ekawa has been and continues to be built through the Lab, where every construction is an exploration into new design and structural possibilities, connecting with the wide potential of the materiality of bamboo.

Bamboo weave in rainforest


The Lab is a space for insight to arise through the act of creation. Design is explored through dialogue, quiet observation and model-making before construction begins, but does not end there.

Deep collaboration is at the heart of the construction process. We encourage the essence of the design to evolve on site as the structural and aesthetic possibilities of bamboo begin to merge with the contextual opportunities.

Local bamboo craft and collaboration


The lab comprises...


* a design team, who conceives all sculptural spaces, envisions the rhythms of the projects and coordinates the overall dynamics of the Lab;

* a creative local crafts-team, that brings ancestral wisdom as well as a powerful impulse to make things happen;

* like-minded participants, who immerse themselves in hands-on learning and wild lifestyle experiences during an annual 'Generation'.

Bamboo workshop


At key intervals, a Generation takes place, in the form of a 3-week programme within the Lab for a group of like-minded participants to deeply connect with the adventure of creation with bamboo.

If you would like to know about other possibilities of taking part beyond the Generation programme, please write to us.

Bamboo workshop celebration


This visionary project seamlessly blends creativity with the untamed nature of the jungle. During my stay, I delved into the mesmerising world of bamboo architecture, learning and immersing myself in the construction process, from the harvest to crafting monumental 10-meter beams. Ekawa is much more than a positive reinforcement of your love of bamboo; it's embracing your inner wild side and discovering new ways of thinking. Expect refreshing river baths, tasting exotic fruits you never knew existed and uncovering a whole new way of life. The memories made here have opened up so many new possibilities and opportunities and I will forever be grateful for my time with my jungle family.

-- Izzy / 23 / UK / Architecture Student --

I loved the vibrant food, the shared spiritual interests, the calmness of the place, the sustainable realization, the wilderness and closeness with pure nature, and obviously the stunning bamboo construction process... I can't imagine that anything could have been better than how it was here... this place the people and the energy nourished my heart to the fullest.

-- Salome / 19 / Switzerland / Events creator --

The mystery curtain that veils the craft of bamboo has been pulled from my perspective! Thank you for opening up your space for co-creation and sharing, you've inspired my reality more than you'll ever know...

-- River / 28 / New Zealand / Vegan Chef --

There is such a shining light inside of you two, and this light shines on every single spot of this beautiful place. Because of that it is possible that you create such incredible beauties like the Studio.

-- Severin / 40 / Germany / Carpenter --

I would say that the word to best describe this experience for me is "inspiration". Being here has led to a healing of my body thanks to the change of diet, a clarity of mind thanks to the quietness of space and a connection with my spirit thanks to being immersed in nature.

-- Paola / 30 / Spain / Travelling South America by bicycle --

The 21 days in the jungle taught me countless things and I see them as potentially the most important 3 weeks of my life. The lessons I learned over this period could not have happened anywhere else and I am extremely grateful for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

-- Nick / 18 / UK / Architecture Student --

This experience has allowed me to really see how much my actions affect the immediate future. Back home we are much more distant from the consequences of our actions. The experience was perfect for me at this point in my life and I hope more people can have the same chance as I did to experience nature and life around it.

-- Isaac / 19 / UK / Architecture Student --

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