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Inea Sky

Three points held in space in the canopies just above the bamboo grove come spiralling together. They soar up and down in a gentle curving motion as they come to meet at a central point. This is symbolic of the intentions of the building, which is a meeting point, a place of coming together to connect with nature and as a family.

The centre forms a dynamic gathering and practice space, a big open space where three volumes merge into a central circle. Each of the volumes has a three-dimensionally curved bamboo ridge-beam, connected through bamboo rafters to a wooden edge-beam on either side. The rafters form a lifted triangular cross-section that transforms in angle and proportion as it comes closer to the centre.


In the centre, there are no supporting columns, creating a big, tall, open, flexible space. The floors are compacted earth, with low rock walls that merge into steps between the various internal levels. Inea, a local grass, lines the higher surfaces as they dance, shining in golden tones in the daylight and revealing their textured pattern when lit from below at night. The combined feeling of the space is one of grounding, with a sense of being lifted up to something magical.

After an initial construction phase which created the primary structure, many events have taken place in the spacious centre. A second construction phase is underway to transform the open space into a family guest-house which will form part of the short-medium-term stays of the Bamboo Sanctuary.

(photos 4, 8, 12, 17, 18: @daniel_pineda)



Main construction: May to September 2021


Designed by Elle and Sergio.

Built in collaboration between: local crafts people Medardo, Joaquin, Dorance, Fredy, Breiner; participants Nati, David, Cesar, Daniel, Andrei and Maryan; and co-founders Sergio and Elle.

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