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Infinity of Matter

The symbol of infinity speaks to the cycling of matter that unite a composting loo and a garden shed. As living beings we are connected with the earth through our biological processes. As humans we are finding our place in allowing this to become cyclical, infinite, as matter grows, is eaten, is composted and is regrown.

Imagining the symbol of infinity in motion, before it moves through the infinite point two circles can be seen, and as it moves out through infinity it becomes a larger oval. In this way, the design comprises two circular clusters of columns which reach up to support an infinity beam. Through a ceiling structure of splits curved over a spiralling ridge beam, a large oval roof is created.


The lightness of the roof surface brings the quality of daylight and the surrounding environment into the building. This assists the form in bringing the interior space into part of the ever changing, moving, growing motion of life.

This is the bathroom which compliments the "Moon Houseand it’s fertile circular courtyard-garden.



Main construction: February to March 2021


Designed by Sergio and Elle.

Built in collaboration between: local crafts people Joaquin, Fredy, Dorancé, Medardo; participants Berni, Tituan, Salome, Daniel and Pablo; and co-founders Elle and Sergio.

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