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Bamboo village in the tropical rainforest


The Bamboo Village is based on a spatial vision. This establishes a base from which social dynamics, collaborative projects and experiences of celebration can grow.

The spatial vision is crafted by:

* Watersheds

* Glades

* Balanced Density

* Sculptural Architecture

* Bamboo

Tropical watersheds home to bamboo village


The Ekawa territory has a number of beautifully self-contained watersheds, ideal for an experience of life that is fully immersed in nature.


Listening to the geography, we can live in a space where levels of light and sound are protected. Here a “new normal” is palpable.

Glade in a forest of like-mindedness


Within each watershed there are several glades. Each glade is an opening within a forest shared between like-minded neighbours, where a home space can grow roots.


The softness of being held by the forest offers us the opportunity to open. This offers privacy for family life and a deep proximity to the vibrancy of nature.

Bamboo houses in the rainforest


The Bamboo Village explores a fine balance between:

  - the full experience of immersion in wild nature; and 

  - the experience of proximity to like-minded neighbours

This brings us into connection with ourselves and with the lands we inhabit. 

Bamboo home of sculptural architecture


Sculptural architecture is not a thing, it's a process. As a family chooses a glade, we offer to facilitate a process where a spatial gesture emerges. The intention is to initiate the design of a home which brings a cascading of aliveness into the experience of the everyday. 


Inhabiting living forms made of living materials dynamises our subtle bodies. Rudolf Steiner writes that sculptural architecture is “the spiritualisation of matter”.

Bamboo grove construction material


This strong, flexible, locally abundant material is also an incredible carbon sink. It is the ideal material for the creation of scultpural architecture. Harvesting poles regularly from a grove encourages growth and helps the groves to expand.


With a view towards the future, we are planting various new types of bamboo not only as a sustainable building material and to expand the existing groves, but also to stabilise the capacity of damaged farmland to retain water and restore its vitality.

Creating home is just the beginning...


Through a coming together of like-minded families, the spatial vision holds space for the emergence of a social fabric of co-creation and celebration.

Let's imagine what the possibilities of rainforest life can be...

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