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Golden Threads

This structure emerges from the rocky hillside, fully rooted and yet gently woven as it nestles into the watershed. The geometry is set out with curved beams made out of clusters of thin bamboo rods which grow into spiralling helixes as they dance with the contour of the hillside. A fine lattice that combines bamboo splits and the narrower upper parts of bamboo poles can be seen to create an undulating ceiling surface that shimmers with the golden tones of many different bamboo pieces.

This is a bedroom structure which compliments the living space of the "Watershed House". It’s form gently tucks into the nook of the hillside, holding space for the yumminess of sleep and deep dreaming. To the side is a dressing space which climbs up the boulder-rich terrain, creatively terraced into organically formed stone steps.


From the outside, the roof surface has a soft shape which is seen from all around due to its low position. Creating this soft geometry are several spiral beams, which are helical in shape and composed from bamboo splits twisting around each other, support this roof geometry, allowing for large sculptural spans between columns.



Main construction: February to May 2022


Designed by Elle and Sergio.

Built in collaboration between: local crafts people Medardo, Bernardo, Dorancé, Breiner, Julian, Fredy, David; co-founders Sergio and Elle; and joined for special moments by Dani.

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