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the Studio guesthouse

Set up on a hill facing distant horizons, the studio holds space to look beyond what is and imagine. There is a strong pull between gravity and levity implicit in the structure. This holds the human inwardly steady, well positioned for clarity in creative thought. The formative geometry of the 'vesica piscis' expresses the power of co-creativity, offering a tone of deep connection with one's inner dream intertwined with worldly possibilities.

The guesthouse has a deep central space that embraces a strong connection with the earth. Above, to one side, is a dining space and to the other side, a bedroom, both of which experience expansive views of the surrounding wild nature. The kitchen has a direct relationship with the garden from which distant views of the mountainscapes can be enjoyed.


The primary geometry speaks to the act of co-creation through two intersecting circles of the vesica-pisces. A three-dimensional understanding of this sacred form, imagining the circles in rotation, as spheres, became the foundation of this design. Two large curved beams span between two enormous rocks which ground the extents of the space. Long double-thickness curved split-beams are woven above these primary beams to outline the intersection of a second vesica-pisces.


These geometries are connected with the earth as well as with the sky. Below, the ground began to be shaped to reflect the second vesica-pisces, in the creation of a central chamber, a space of contemplation and practices to ground the being. Above, the geometries were drawn upwards into the light, forming a warped conical shape with a central occulus to gently light the interior space. The roof structure creates a relatively protected, held space, as it leans back towards the ground. This tilted gesture is also one of openness and outward connection, with long views over the surrounding hillsides.


The form also speaks to the gesture of co-creation through the roof's reciprocal structure. Each bamboo pole rests on the previous one, creating a closed central ring beam. The continuity of this form can be felt within the building, as the spiralling form of the reciprocal roof is augmented by a ceiling pattern of bamboo splits.

(photos 3, 13: @buriankan; photo4: @bhavmistry89)



Main construction: July to October 2019

Designed by Sergio and Elle.

Built in collaboration between: local craftspeople Joaquin, Medardo, Dorance and David; international participants for the month of August, Severin, Victoria, Ali, Santiago, Simon, Paola, River, Elise, Loic, Laodice, Yizel, Massimo; Tacuara team for a week in August, Uraba, Exneideir, Alvaro, Vagersi; and co-founders Elle and Sergio.


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