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Bamboo grove


this rainforest haven for rewilding, healing & dreaming,

holds space for experiences in the wild, inspired co-working and transformative retreats.

Tropical sunrise

Visiting the Bamboo Sanctuary is an experience of delight and reverence.

Bamboo architecture

It's an experience of the power of sculptural architecture to ignite an embodied feeling of aliveness.

Tropical rainforest sunset

It's a coming home to one's self, rediscovering the inner dream that motivates our everyday actions.

Experience of wildness

Living in an experience of 'wildness' all around, comes a dynamising of one's inner nature.

Live in symbiosis with nature

This is a lifestyle of connection and an experience of what it means to live in symbiosis with nature.  

Bamboo sanctuary


You are invited to experience what it means to live in symbiosis with nature.

This is a lifestyle of connection and dreaming.

The Sanctuary offers : 
* accommodation for short rainforest getaways, to disconnect, detoxify and replenish; 
* uplifting co-working spaces and interaction with inspiring like-minded creatives; 
* a haven from which to hold transformative retreats for small and medium sized groups. 
* explorative adventures of rivers, forests and bamboo groves.


At specific moments we offer volunteering opportunities in the Bamboo Sanctuary to participate in a variety of topics.

Please see our instagram feed for updates or send us a message with the contact form below.

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A heritage house renovated with a sculptural roof and natural pool.

The grand rammed earth walls define four lofty rooms, each of which is crowned with a bamboo cupola and a petal-shaped occulus. Next to the house is a natural pool with aquatic plants and invigorating outdoor showers. In the distance, ancient bamboo groves frame the view of the sunrise.  

An adventurous, hilltop refuge for an individual or a couple.

Nestled in the rainforest, this sculpture for inhabitation brings  the expansive views of the Valley into polarity with ancient boulders that ground the energy and provide a deep sense of inner equilibrium.  The main structure is completed by a rejuvenating outdoor shower and a little bamboo shrine that serves as composting toilet. 

A temple nestled in bamboo groves, perfect for an adventurous family.

In this unique space, three dynamic volumes merge into a central compass offering triangular openings towards scenic rainforest views. With two bedrooms, a large kitchen-dining area and a generous central space for personal practices and friendly gatherings, the guest-house is next to the Elder Tree of the Cristales Stream, offering a magical spot for a dip, and revitalising walks through enchanting bamboo groves.

Available in early 2025.



Thanks for reaching out to us, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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