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Casa Soná

A flowing roof emerges from woven bamboo cupolas which feel like a blossoming of the heritage walls, as if the building is continuing to grow after a hundred years of life. Thick rammed-earth walls reveal their gravity, bathed in celestial light that enters through the roof oculi.

A 100-year-old heritage house with rammed-earth walls and a crumbling roof became part of the Ekawa territory in 2022. Not having worked with heritage structures in the past, it felt like a huge challenge to conceive a renovation project. We were eager to learn about conservation of rammed-earth, and to design a bamboo-roof that could bring back to life this irreplaceable structure.

The four rooms of the house are majestic in scale, and yet felt damp and gloomy in their enclosed ambiance. After several design iterations that imagined a second story, we had a sudden moment of insight: what if our starting point was the creation of a giant oculus over each room, to illuminate the textured inner spaces with celestial light?

The design began to emerge as four structural cupolas, woven from interlaced bamboo splits, with large petal-shaped openings towards the sky. Embodying the intention for the roof to feel as though it grows from the rammed-earth walls, we imagined an expansive structure of bamboo poles that is supported by the cupolas and reaches out to a perimeter beam. This flowing roof holds space for open kitchen, dining and living areas, with a wide corridor surrounding the house.

With views to ancient bamboo groves in the San Blas Valley, Casa Soná is becoming the centre of the Bamboo Sanctuary; home of the Bamboo Lab Generations and other lifestyle experiences at Ekawa. 


Demolition: July to December 2022

Main construction: January 2023 to February 2024


Designed by Elle and Sergio.

Built in a creative collaboration with: Dani P, Dorancé, Medardo, David, Breiner, Fredy, Julian, Dani R, Samir, Yorlady and volunteering moments from: Izzy and Rob.

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