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The territory of Ekawa spans over 300 hectares in four watersheds: Naranjos, Cristales, Uaicurú and Constelaciones, which all feed into the larger watershed of the Valley of San Blas.


There are untouched areas where old forest combines with new forest as the ecology re-wilds alone, as well as symbiotic areas where humans dwell with nature. Here, we are creating bamboo sculptures for inhabitation nestled amongst rainforest, inspiring a natural, creative, rooted and spiritual culture of living.

The Groves
Bamboo forest in Bamboo village

The Groves are the frontage to Ekawa, comprising the expansion and restoration of ancient bamboo groves, inea lagoons, native forests and beautiful river openings. They bring a sense of wildness to a passage through the valley as they line both sides of the road. They bring an abundance of fauna and flora to the experience of the river. The Groves nourish the expression of meaningful action that stems from deep insight and emerges as a symbiosis with nature and with each other. As the village grows, the Groves will become, more and more, a space for initiatives that activate the social dynamics of the valley to find their roots.

Dwelling in symbiosis in the tropical rainforest

The Cristales Watershed pioneered dwelling in symbiosis. It is where the project began. This watershed is a site of mixed ecologies, where old tropical rainforest thrives alongside new rewilding forests and areas that were cattle fields up until 2019. In the open areas we began the architecture and lifestyle exploration that today is Ekawa, by creating a family glade for living in symbiosis with nature, with edible gardens and sculptural bamboo spaces. The forests and water sources shall remain protected, a haven for nature and for humans.  

Current phase of Bamboo Village

The Uaicurú Watershed is the current phase of the bamboo village, which will be followed by the Constellations Watershed. Carefully selected glades are available for families who wish to move to this area. A coming together of those attracted to the spatial vision allows for the emergence of a social fabric of like-mindedness, co-creation and celebration, caring for the land and contributing to the sense of local sovereignty that is emerging in the San Blas Valley.

Nature reserve of Bamboo Village

The Naranjos Watershed is a vast forest, a space for growth and thrival of all beings. Primary forests of hundreds of years continue to grow in some areas of the watershed, while others are reforesting naturally after being farmed up until a few decades ago. Huge boulders line the stream which runs through the centre of the watershed and incredible colours and shapes can be found in the flora and fauna. This watershed is a future expansion of the bamboo village where a rewilded tone of human presence can enhance the qualities of the ecosystem.

Cuenca Cristales
Cuenca Uaicuru + Constelaciones
Cuenca Naranjos
The Springs
Springs of the Bamboo Village

The Springs are the water sources for several of the watersheds. They are in a process of reforestation, enabling an abundance of pure and vital water into the future.

Neighbours to the Bamboo Village

Like-minded groups and projects are beginning to inhabit neighbouring lands. The valley of San Blas is emerging as a dynamic space of interaction between explorations and experiences of alternative ways of living.

Neighbouring lands
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