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Sowing Seeds

A whole landscape to be rewilded is the scenery to be experienced by the plants and those tending to them in the nursery. The simple structure is composed of two main tripods which support a curved spinal beam winding along the hillside. The gentle arching nature of bamboo splits creates a buoyant roof form that nurtures the aliveness of the plants to be grown here.

The interplay of forces between levity and gravity can be felt in the light floaty roof as it dances in the wind. It is propped up along the centre-line by structural bamboo tripods and held down around the perimeter by tension cables. A surface in motion is created through the flexibility of bamboo splits which span the width, pulled down at each end and pushed up in the middle. Playfulness and rhythm nurture the life force of the space.


The design connects rocks through bamboo tripod structures, which hold up the ridge beam and support layers of shelving. As plants begin to populate the space the nursery has come to life, and soon the bare hillside will come to life with these plants too.


Main construction: January 2021


Collaborative design led by Elle and Sergio.

Built in collaboration between: local crafts people Joaquin, Fredy, Dorance, David; participants Lolo, Bru, Daniel, Tituan, Victorine, Pablo; and co-founders Sergio and Elle.

A hundred carefully grown plants donated by Brunella.

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