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An invitation: from deep within

There has been an invitation from the unknown stirring within each of us. For quite some time it has been whispering passions, calling for exploration, and conjuring dreams.

Before meeting we had each begun a journey of seeking deeper meaning in everyday life, in parallel to day jobs in architectural practice and research. This involved questioning societal conditionings, discovery of healing the physical body through food and movement, emotional healing through meditation, and facing the question of dharma, the yogic principle of living in purpose. Our creative explorations in crystallographic symmetry, fluid colour painting, projective geometry and three-dimensional expression in space all felt important to us yet separate from life. In each of our journeys, we had had glimpses of an invitation to contribute to the world, to live in alignment with an inner morality, embodying our passions as meaningful action in the here and now.

We met in August 2017 and the invitation became much more palpable. Countless inspiring hours of dreaming together led to re-imagining what living more fully could become, bringing together something of our whole humanness and going deeper than our architectural titles. This has allowed adventure and wildness to become more than week-long hikes with a backpack, or van living, or chasing awe-inspiring storms and sunsets. Our passions for the creation of a more beautiful and nourishing world are able to flow into a space of direct action and creativity. Through an intertwining of our journeys this has become our life-project, Dwelling in Symbiosis.

As we began this life-project, we became aware that …

* an active life of meaningful action and creativity, coming from a sense of love for all beings, is a life of fullness in purpose;

* aligning with a path of deep purpose requires that we connect with an inner morality;

* connecting with this sense of direction which stems from deep within requires transformative acts of independence from what before seemed normal - stepping out of societal conditionings;

* humans in nature can create a space of abundance, facilitated by the blossoming of inner truths;

* in a space of aliveness and nature, the physical body becomes efficient and supple naturally; the etheric body becomes light and creative; the astral body is able to move with ease in ways that allow for a deeper transcendence to be part of life on Earth;

* the instincts arising from a deep sense of purpose are nourished by highly vibrant water, sun, food, action and creativity;

* creativity feels fullest when it is an expression of collaborative connection;

* in this creative process, answers to questions that seemed challenging flow easily when we allow for a full sense of appreciation to permeate our actions and decisions;

* natural locations around Earth are ready to embrace human dwelling where action comes from an honouring of the wholeness and purity of the wild depths of nature, including the exploration of what the human condition can become.

From this experience we feel a deep sense of gratitude for the invitation that emerged in our journeys to create a new story, a story of Symbiosis. Staying rooted with the tone of this invitation feels important as we connect with and honour nature in ways that we thought were not possible, in a kind of inter-being. The rainforest has become our home and our dream-space.

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