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Questions and answers about the Ekawa Bamboo Village

Many people ask us about the Ekawa Bamboo Village. So in this blog post we wish to answer many of the questions that we are often asked about this project.

What is the Ekawa Bamboo Village ?

The Ekawa Bamboo Village is a project about enlivening ecosystems by connecting with a sense of home in nature. It is a deeply transformative process of dwelling in symbiosis with the wild ecologies that surround us.


It is a bamboo village because:

  1. We live in a territory of ancient bamboo groves, of the genus guadua angustifolia. There still are wide expanses of these groves, although a significant portion was destroyed over the last century.

  2. We are expanding the existing groves, to regenerate the bamboo jungle that existed here many decades ago. We are also bringing in other varieties of bamboo that are suitable to this climate, in order to create a sanctuary of bamboo species.

  3. We are passionate about bamboo sculptural architecture and design/build bamboo sculptures for inhabitations nestled in the rainforest.

Where is the Ekawa Bamboo Village located?

The San Blas Valley, home to the Ekawa Bamboo Village

The Ekawa Bamboo Village is a transformational project located between the towns of San Carlos and San Rafael, in Antioquia, Colombia. It is three hours away from the international airport of Medellín, and is easy to get here by public transport, using a private taxi or bus from Medellín or the airport.


The Bamboo Village is located in the Valley of San Blas, where the San Blas river meanders through flood plains populated with ancient bamboo groves. The previously farmed land of Ekawa is now home to many bamboo sculptures for inhabitation immersed in a landscape of rainforest ecologies mixed with re-wilding grass fields.

Who would benefit from living at the Ekawa Bamboo Village?

The Ekawa Bamboo Village project is open to individuals/couples/families who resonate with the project. The invitation to submit an expression of interest may be exciting to those who are already on a journey of inner rewilding. We would love to hear from you if:

  1. You resonate with the project.

  2. You are looking for a place to call home that is immersed in the wild.

  3. You are enthusiastic about natural building techniques, sculptural architecture and bamboo creativity.

  4. You are passionate about personal and planetary healing and well-being.


What is the architecture like in the Bamboo Village?

The architecture of the Ekawa Bamboo Village

The architecture of the Bamboo Village explores the potential of bamboo and of domestic spaces in the tropics, surrounded by nature. This means that spaces can be open, exposed fully to the nature all around, and yet protected by the surrounding forests.

The quality of nature that surrounds the house is an essential aspect of how the house itself is experienced. Here at Ekawa the buildings explore the dynamism and equilibrium that emerges when levity and gravity intertwine. This kind of architecture lifts our inner being towards an experience of the "extra-ordinary".  The writings and creations of Rudolf Steiner are of huge inspiration - "Sculptural architecture is the spiritualising of matter".

How to create a home in the Ekawa Bamboo Village?

Having expressed an interest to live in the Bamboo Village, chosen a site, and developed a design in conjunction with the Ekawa Bamboo Lab, the following options are available:


1. If your creativity is such that you'd love to build your own home, the Bamboo Lab is available to support your process as required, allowing you the flexibility to be the driver of your own process and at the same time to have the support you need to successfully complete the construction process of your dream home.

2. If your creativity is in fields different from construction (and that is the majority of people!), we are blessed in our region with highly-skilled bamboo construction teams, and we will be delighted to put you in touch with them, for your aspirations to be manifested in built form.


renting as part of your journey towards living in the bamboo village:

We are aware that many people will need a transition home in their journey towards living in their dream bamboo home. For this, we offer the option of renting spaces that are part of the Bamboo Sanctuary. This also offers the opportunity of experiencing rainforest life early on in the process.

What is the tone of the bamboo Village?


The Ekawa Bamboo Village allows for a tone of:

  • feeling in symbiosis with the nature that surrounds us;

  • allowing our lifestyle to be regenerative;

  • connecting with ancestral techniques and teachings;

  • securing one's food sovereignty

  • creating personal and planetary well-being

  • weaving conscious relationships with like-minded neighbours


Conclusion: 4 Top reasons to live in the Ekawa bamboo village:

  1. Dream Home: Create your dream bamboo house, supported by skilled architects and builders that can help you to manifest your aspirations.

  2. Rainforest Magic: Allow yourself and your family to rewild internally and externally experiencing what it is to live fully immersed in nature.

  3. Edible Garden: Grow your own food and feel nourished by the exuberance of tropical gardens and fruit-forests.

  4. Inspiring Workplace: Allow your work to take place in a stunning natural location, with good connectivity, surrounded by likemindedness and the possibility of collaborating.



If this resonates with you, we'd love to hear from you! You can contact us here.

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