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A poem towards the potential of built space

Our built environment has a responsibility to hold and nurture our deepest selves. After all it is our third skin and our home within twenty-first century Earth. It has the potential to ignite awareness and enchantment in our everyday lives so that we may be in a harmonious space of contribution through our day-to-day. Here in the rainforest we design amidst the rawness of nature, with a spontaneous design-and-build process, and something dynamic emerges.

To be at home.

To belong, in a refuge from daily life, not as an escape but a place to go deeper, to understand, to transform.

To be held, in a balance between order and fluidity; strength and vulnerability.

To be contained, still, connected.

Feeling fully alive.

Delighting in the joy of everyday life, the simple things.

Engaging intensely…being part of the dynamic of life happening here and now.

Allowing the qualities of nature to nourish, to uplift, to inspire.

A mood of suggestion.

The potential for a shared and magnificent future.

Moulding reality towards the values we aspire to live by.

Sensing something much bigger than me or you or us.

Our will to do right, to become more human (e).

Our enriched life experience, rippling out through our actions.

For human kind’s wellbeing and transient growth.

Our own contributions of love.

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