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Ekawa sanctuary for humans and nature

a sanctuary for humans & nature

San Blas Valley, Antioquia, Colombia

symbiosis between humans and nature

a haven for creativity & healing

which holds space for

inspired living

immersed in rainforest life

Ekawa is

-- home in the rainforest --

A bamboo village of sculptural homes is emerging, among sacred practice spaces and social initiatives, as part of an emerging neighbourhood.

-- learn by doing --

Our wild bamboo architecture lab combines local wisdom and innovative design in a continually evolving expression of sculptural structures.

-- lifestyle experiences --

Nestled in the rainforest, hand-crafted sculptures for inhabitation offer short stays in a wild space of purpose, to reimagine life beyond ‘normal’.

Bamboo kitchen in Bamboo Village


A space for creative action through deep insight & investigation

Bamboo hilltop guesthouse


The region is part of a transformational process, located where the Andean mountain geography dissolves into the ecology of the tropical planes in Colombia. Beginning as natural wildness, over the last century the territory has gone through a number of phases: first damage through exploitative farming; then pausing in stillness due to exodus caused by war; and now in a time of peace, looking towards a healing.

the san blas valley

Historically a home to rainforest, the region of San Blas has an abundance of natural springs and sunshine. A gentle transition is beginning, moving away from a culture of cattle farming and rainforest destruction, towards reconnection between humans and nature. Now we see reforestation and the emergence of alternative living. 

ekawa in san blas

​Life here is adventurous. The previously farmed land of Ekawa is now home to many bamboo sculptures for inhabitation, edible gardens and all sorts of wildlife. Several families live here and our lifestyles evolve through re-connection with the wildness of the earth, in a space of active, creative flow. Ekawa connects with the locality of San Blas and global ideals through workshops and lifestyle experiences, bringing together deep nature and creativity with humans from all walks of life.

Bamboo house with green roof


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