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Intentions behind Symbiosis

During our careers as architects and in our lives of adventure, we have observed in worldwide landscape conditions that a schism exists between protected natural landscapes and urban progress. In the name of preservation, boundaries are established to protect land and ecology from the presence of humans, and from further development. Urban conditions are also careful to control nature to prevent unwarranted damage to what man has made. Here a fragmentation that exists between humans and nature can be felt. With the realisation that humans are an intrinsic part of nature, we wish to explore how to bring a new coherence to the inter-being of humans and nature.

This means a re-wilding of the inner nature of the human in tandem with re-wilding what is outer nature beyond our skin. It means looking beyond what has become normal towards what can be bountiful, not just for me or for you, but for the quality of what is alive. It means living into a dream, an inspiration, which moves the cells in our bodies into life-enhancing action. It means trusting what feels loving and seeking what feels true. It means recognising our part in the flow of nature to the point of feeling fully at home on planet earth, knowing that our existence is contributing to the most vibrant reality possible.

So how can the way we live be distilled to bring quality into our increasing quantity of life on earth?

Intentionally creating a world of belonging,

As a membrane between the external vastness and internal depths of space,

To find home and celebrate the extra ordinary,

Re-membering the wholeness of the human being

To thrive.

With ever-present emergence and unfolding

Between our progressive future-driven world and a nostalgia from the past.

To care for humanity and respect our nature,

Through the cultivation of aliveness and consciousness.

Now is a relevant time, even a critical time, to investigate living in a way that is nourishing to life itself; a way that is both inwardly and outwardly enriching, where the human is seen as an integral part of nature and nature an integral part of the human. Here we are living into new patterns of being fully alive.

This pursuit is a space for exploration, growth and collaboration. It is a movement towards a state of thrival; of cultivating a mood of enthusiasm and a life of vivid quality in celebration of the ordinary; of restoring being alive in a world of wonder. It is based on a recalibrated worldview to do with how we relate, both as human beings and as part of the wider worlds we participate in. It is part of a process of waking up each day to wholeness, distilling the essence of what is fundamental and allowing the sense of a nourishing and fulfilling future to unfold. It is to do with a way of being human where actions come from a place of enthusiasm, integrity and harmony, as part of the aliveness of the interconnected web of life.

From this space, how can the human live in support of the natural world, where the closed loop system becomes a spiral of growth, the methods developed for living enhancing the whole habitat?

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