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Perhaps you are delving into what life in nature can feel like. Here is a space where you can learn while doing, connecting with both the landscape around you as well as that which lives within your being.



In the watershed, many diverse and also interconnected activities take place each day. The main focus of your participation will depend on your interests, skills and the moment of your visit. However, in addition to collaborative action, you will be able to enjoy many experiences of interaction and sharing with like-minded co-creators. On that note, we welcome your initiative to share what you love, to organise a fire, a dance, an adventure, a get-together.

In order for a real immersion to occur, we ask for a minimum participation of three weeks, and we welcome longer stays. We encourage participants to explore and develop their own interests in the fields of alternative living and connection with nature. The weekly rhythm at Ekawa includes time for this in the form of creative Wednesdays where participants can enjoy the space and resources to focus on a topic that springs from within their own being. Often, projects that make a big contribution to the Watershed can become the main area of focus for participants during their stay.



It is likely that a part of your experience will involve rewilding and cultivating the landscape. Our everyday landscape has the power to transform something within our own inner nature. Tending to the land can be a deep meditative experience, a dynamic way of connecting with others and also the cultivation of a bond with nature. We bring the human touch into nature with the intention to regenerate life vitality within the landscape and to create food resilience. This is an opportunity to contribute to: native forests; edible cultivations; sowing and tending to seeds; water cycles; and journeys through the landscape. In addition, collaborating with local elders brings contact with a wisdom that still survives.



Sculptural bamboo architecture is a big part of the watershed. Bamboo is an incredible gift with unique opportunities emerging from its structural properties, its ability to curve and its textural qualities. Here we hold an innovative space of exploration where our love for organic design meets ancestral local wisdom to create unique sculptures for inhabitation, nestled within the rainforest. We believe that the best way to experience bamboo architecture is to be fully immersed within a team.



Thanks for your expression of interest! We will get in touch with you soon

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